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As we always say, getting started is the hardest part of any process. This is particularly true when it comes to such personal and stressful situations like debt solution. It doesn’t have to be stressful, however – that’s what we’re here for. We are the debt solution experts and our main priority is to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients.

We understand modern life here at Money Advice Expert. That’s why there are so many ways you can get in touch with us – we want this process to be flexible for you. You can request a callback, specifying when is best for us to contact you. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our Contact Us page or call us directly on 0800 938 3782. Our lines are open from 9:00am – 5.30pm.

Once you’ve made contact with us, we strive to provide the very best customer service and offer you impartial advice. We’ll assist you in deciding on the best possible debt solution for your individual needs. Keep reading to find out which services and solutions we currently offer.

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A Variety of Debt Solutions

Learn more about each solution below:

IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) This is a formal and legally binding arrangement between you and your creditors.

DMP (Debt Management Plan) This solution creates an efficient and suitable plan to make your repayments more manageable.

Trust Deeds A Scotland-only solution which involves set monthly payments over an agreed period of time up to four years. Any remaining debts after four years are written off.

MAP (Minimal Asset Process) A solution available to Scottish residents which is suitable for individuals with few assets and no disposable income.

Bankruptcy This is a legal process that is available to individuals and businesses who are simply unable to pay off debts.


What are you waiting for?

Perhaps you’ve read our solution guides and tried our Solution Matcher, but you’re still not convinced. Let our happy customers convince you, instead. Keep reading to find out firsthand how our services have helped change a life.


Read Louis Walton's Story

Take a look at how Louis Walton's debt was improved:

Debt: £21,177

Was paying: £715 per month

Creditors: 4

Now paying: £308 per month

Total debt written off: £11,000



per month

How an IVA helped Louis Walton

  • Solution IVA
  • Unsecured debt £21,177
  • Old monthly repayments £715
  • New monthly repayments £308
  • Monthly reduction of £407

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